about the book

The Magic Stones

Molly and Pete go in search of a cave their fathers had often spoken of but had not been able to find .They find the cave and their way to a second cave in which they see a very dark pond and large flowers all around that seem to glitter and shine and within the flowers tiny fairies sleep. A saddened fairy cries while telling the children how they got there and the dragon as she shows them the skeleton. Her tears fall to the floor and turn into stones then to diamonds.

Molly asked if she could keep the pebbles and was allowed. Outside the cave, Molly and Pete have no memory of what had happened. The stones were taken to the jeweler for appraisal and found to be very expensive. Molly’s parents shared the money with Pete’s family. Molly got the news – she were to become a big sister!

about the book

Katie and The Troll Queen

Katie is asked to go and pick berries in the forest. She meet the troll queen that her grandmother had warned her about. The troll queen engages her in a singing contest and a troll boy appear to keep score. Katie win the contest and also find out why her mother was not able to sing along with Katie, something they both enjoyed very much.